Fran Ingraham is an amazing person. I feel privileged to have had her expertise and patience through what was for me a difficult time. Fran is sensitive and sensible, calm and competent. I am certain I was not the model client, I was selling a home I loved and trying to be practical since I now live so far away. Fran understood and worked through all the issues both the normal ones of a house sale and the more complicated ones relating to my distance from the site and my sadness about selling. Fran knows her business and she is an exceptional judge of people. She guided me through the whole process with style and savvy. Anyone would be lucky to have her on their team. I am forever grateful to her.


Gladys Ann Wells

“I have known Fran Ingraham for many years as member of the Columbia County NY Community. We engaged Fran to successfully sell our office complex in Old Chatham, not an easy task given it is a large commercial complex in an upscale residential country setting. Fran recognized the property’s potential for conversion to residential/mixed use and marketed it as such. Fran’s enthusiasm, dedication and experience are immediately apparent. But she also brings an air of class and sophistication to the conversation while remaining friendly, welcoming and engaging. I can unequivocally recommend her for any real estate brokerage needs that you may have.”

Ken Blass

“Fran was a dream to work with: Her high level of professionalism and knowledge of the real estate market in Columbia County helped us understand what to expect and made us feel at ease. What we especially appreciated about Fran was how considerate she was—always informing us of a showing 24 hours in advance, making sure the house was “show ready”, giving us immediate feedback after the viewing. Her high level of communication engendered a great deal of trust. What’s more, Fran helped buyers “see” the potential with our home, providing landscape and decorating ideas to get buyers’ imaginations going. She’s an innately talented sales person whose network reaches across the Capitol Region down to New York City. It was a sheer pleasure to work with Fran. And yes, she successfully sold our weekend home!”
Adrien Glover & Mike Kelly

“My wife and I worked with Fran to sell our home over a period of 2+ years. This was a difficult and emotional process for us. Throughout the entire time Fran was our rock and always there for us to handle any business or emotional need. She was consistently even tempered, supportive, extremely considerate, and always made our best interests come first. Her advice was priceless. Fran always exhibited outstanding professionalism and expertise during all phases of selling our property. Her complete knowledge of the market place and how it related to our property allowed us to get the best price possible. We fully believe that without her guidance and negotiating abilities we would not have achieved the sale price that we did. In addition to making the sale Fran was present and helpful throughout every step including the final walk through and handing over the keys. Whatever we needed Fran was always there and always with a smile accompanied with kind words. We believe that Fran Ingraham is the very best real estate broker in the Hudson Valley and highly recommend her to one and all.”
Philip and Catherine Shapiro

“I have known and worked with Frances Ingraham for many years. She is intelligent, hard-working and very savvy. She has my highest recommendation.”
Steve Lobel

Vice President, Anchor Agency Inc.

“Fran Ingraham has a seasoned wisdom about the business of real estate–the subtleties of the transaction, the personality clashes, the emotionality of the people on either end–and knows how to keep both buyers and sellers in the game until everyone feels they have gotten what they feel they deserve. The purchase and sale of a home is a rich contrast in opposites: the memories of those who live there and the fantasies of those who wish to, and Fran proves to be adept at weaving both into a mutually rewarding venture.”

“Fran is really terrific. She’s a straight shooter, earnest and extremely knowledgeable about the market.”

“My wife and I were lucky enough to have Fran Ingraham help us find our upstate home very recently. Fran was an absolute joy to work with, her knowledge of both Dutchess and Columbia counties was impressive. She was very thorough in assisting our search and showed great patience as we embarked on finding our dream home. We couldn’t be more happy with the process and the result and we highly recommend Fran to anyone searching for a dream home of their own!”

“Who do we look to for knowledge, experience and inspiration in our lives? If you’re lucky enough to know Fran, you have had the pleasure of seeing a woman who has boundless curiosity, the skills of a diplomat and the energy to put all that she’s learned into helping so many people. Fran is the champion you want to guide you because of her relentless commitment to excellence.”
A former Times Union colleague

“Thank you for all the help, guidance, wisdom and professional, caring nature you projected, regarding the sale of our summer home.”

How lucky I was to have Frances Ingraham Heins act as a trusted dual agent to broker my off-market home in this time of COVID. I will always appreciate the time she spent on all inspections. She then allowed me the precious gift of time I needed to decide where I wished to relocate and to cope with moving from a home I loved and nourished for several decades. It was her true professionalism and excellent advice along the way that really made this happen. I am so very thankful that she had the insight to connect me with a buyer who was also patient and loves my house as much as I do. Therefore, it is with great confidence that I highly recommend Frances to all sellers and buyers.

Tana Thompson Strome

“Frances J. Ingraham-Heins is an accomplished dedicated professional who provides excellent prompt attention to those she serves. Her knowledge of the real estate markets which she serves is extensive and always current. I have known her for over 30 years and have used her services and recommended her to others, always with outstanding results. I am confident that her integrity is of the highest caliber, her skills are exceptional and her ability to develop creative and innovative alternatives is unsurpassed. I feel confident in giving Ms. Ingraham-Heins’ name to others as a referral, knowing that she will devote her superior skills and extensive ability to any project which she undertakes. I highly recommend Ms. Ingraham-Heins as a seller’s or buyer’s broker.”
Madeline Sheila Galvin Esq.

“It’s no surprise that Fran Ingraham is a top-selling real estate agent. She’s qualified on so many levels – an early successful career in the field, followed by a successful second career in journalism as a feature writer and society columnist for the Times Union. And believe me, Fran made an impact as a writer – to this day, society’s A-listers still rave about her column. Journalism, of course, opened the doors to contacts with movers and shakers, as well as society’s elite. So you might say that Fran was LinkedIn long before there even was a LinkedIn. Yet none of this would have counted for much if it weren’t for Fran’s work ethic – her dedication and determination to do the best job possible. That’s what makes her a great real estate agent – she won’t settle for anything less than the best deal for her clients. Every time.”

“I’ve known Fran for many years through our relationship in the newspaper industry. Fran is a wonderfully creative writer and very well connected to the movers and shakers of the Capital Region. I recommend her highly.”

“Frances is a consummate professional who is dedicated to serving her clients in an exceptional capacity. She frequently *goes the extra mile* to attend to all business and personal details which promote a smooth transaction for seller and buyer alike. I highly recommend Frances as your Real Estate Expert!”

“It’s rare in today’s world to find someone who takes the time to get to know you, learn what you really want, and help you to find it. Her advice – to both buyers and sellers – is spot-on, and above all, honest. She does her homework, knows what she is doing, and is above reproach when it comes to client loyalty.”

“Fran truly delivers. We swear the woman works 24/7 to bring home the bacon for her clients. Most impressive, Fran is as ethical as they get in a business where ethics can be given short shrift.”

“When we searched for the best broker to sell our home, we chose Fran, who also became a good friend. Fran is an incredible wealth of experience and knowledge. We listened to everything she said and were never disappointed. We experienced firsthand why Fran is a consistent Five Star Real Estate Professional in the Hudson Valley. “
Clark and Diane Whelton